Monday, February 9, 2015

No Sew Skirt Refashion

Sooooooooo I love this skirt I saw on Pinterest:

Apparently you can find this skirt somewhere on Amazon. I couldn't but that is where the link lead me and I want to give credit where credit is due!
Anyways since I loved this so much I began thinking of how I could recreate it. Something you should know about me, I am ALWAYS thinking of sewing projects, or any projects really. Since I work at a fabric store it is pretty easy for me to see what I need to recreate it :) For those of you who do not sew or do not consider yourself a good sewer, I am here to report that this project is a NO SEW! Here is what you need:

1 Gray Skirt (or any color skirt if you want to add your own twist, which I encourage!)
Enough Black fabric to wrap around the bottom of the skirt (I used a remnant)
Double-sided fusible interfacing (WonderUnder)
Ironing Board
Chalk, or other marking device
Printer with ink and paper ;)
Computer  or Laptop
Scissors or Shears

1.) Go online and find a template for the wavy, scalloped edge bottom (I Googled "Scallop Edge"). Print it out and cut it out.

2.) Open up your black fabric and iron it to one side of the interfacing.

3.) Place the template on the fabric, lining up the bottom edges and corners, then trace allllllllll the way down the fabric.

My pretty kitty decided to "help"
4.) After you have traced the template, cut it out.
5.) Now this part can make you feel as though you messed up, but dont worry, I assure you that you probably didn't :) Flip your long piece of fabric over and CAREFULLY take the paper backing off of the interfacing. The paper is VERY thin and I thought that I had mistakinly bought the wrong interfacing. When you pull off the back it should look like this:
Be careful not to take the paper off too fast!
6.) Now grab your skirt and reheat your iron. Carefully line the bootm of the fabric up with the bottom of the skirt and iron. You will get a "bubble" somewhere in the black fabric beacuse you are working in a circle, not a straight line. We can get rid of that at the end.

7.) When you get to the end you want to make sure that two scallops overlap like this:
You dont want to have half of a scallop showing, that just wouldn't look right. Again since you are working in a circle, you will have that little piece sticking out at a funny angle. Go on ahead and snip it off. I reccomend that you go around and check if there are any spots that did not get ironed on all the way. I found a spot while sitting in church yesterday.

8.) There you go! Piece number 2 to add to your Pinterest closet :D


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