About Me!

Hello! Hi! Hey! Hola!
Most people call me Mo or Mobee.
But my name is really Marissa.
I love Jesus!
Jesus is so awesome!
I wake up every day knowing that Jesus is with me.
Jesus has taken me all over the world.
I've been to Bulgaria, Greece and India.
I have an awesome family.
Three brothers, no sisters.
Three younger brothers I should say.
And there is Mom and Dad.
Six people in one house.
It gets crazy.
My boyfriend unstands though.
He gets my craziness!
My best friend is the crazy one though.
Oh the shenanigans we get ourselves into...
I read.
I sing.
I draw
I sew.
I craft.
I watch t.v.
I write.
I love this Jesus-Filled life!

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