Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Delighting in You!

When I graduated high school I had a little over seven years of French Horn under my belt. I had always planned on playing in college and stuff but then I just didn't. I guess it wasn't something that truly meant something to me, if it was I would have found a way. Music was always something that I felt I had to do and I guess that turned me off of listening to music in general. Now I can't imagine life without music! It all started during that awesome freshman year of college... I had met some pretty awesome girls at the ministry group I had started attending at my college. Both of them just happened to be music majors. As the three of us became closer and closer, the more time I spent listening to music naturally. And I found that I really loved listening to, what we called, Jesus Music. Which is a mixture of artists like Chris Tomlin, Josh Wilson, Matthew West, Britt Nicole, Natalie Grant, etc. A third awesome girl that we were growing closer to was particularly fond of Lecrae. For those of you who don't know who Lecrae is, he is a Christian rapper. :) Whenever I hear the song "Dum Dum" I am instantly transported back to all four of us driving down the road, bass turned up full blast, singing at the top of our lungs. :) Certainly a memory I will cherish forever. My point to walking down memory lane is simple. Music was a tool that God used to bring me closer to him. It is a tool that he still uses to this day to bring me back to him. Life right now for me is uncomfortable and I have been wandering back and forth frequently because of it. It seems to me that most every time that I have started to wander away, I listen to a Chris Tomlin or Francesca Battistelli song that I have not heard in months and BAM. I'm back. Like today, for instance was the last straw for me with work. I have been not loving my job lately at all. Other things were mentioned after I came home that are particularly sensitive right now as well. I was overloaded and feeling eight million pounds of guilt and shame. Something compelled me tonight though to listen to some "Jesus Music" and the the first song that I heard was Worn by Tenth Avenue North. Bam. I'm back Jesus!...You know, to me it only makes sense that this is a way God speaks to me. All of my friends are musically inclined, many of them are in their respective church's praise bands. My awesome boyfriend is super musically talented too. :) I'm just gonna say that I am so super blessed that God brought that awesome man into my life. :) He sings, he was drum major in high school, he plays trombone, he plays bass in praise band, he plays piano, he plays guitar, he even does hand bells at church! God took the wrong things out of my life and surrounded me with everything that would draw me closer to him. He will do the same for you too if he hasn't already! He will ALWAYS fight for you. He loves to delight in us!

--Mobee Sue :):)

Zephaniah 3:17 
"The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. 
He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you,
 but will rejoice over you with singing."

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bible Notes: Precious Hearts

Flip through the pages of my bible and you will find lots of pen markings. Some of my latest markings take up residence in the book of Proverbs. Proverbs was mostly written by Solomon and tells how Godly wisdom is entwined in every day life. So much good stuff in there!!!!! I highly recommend it. ;) Here are some of my notes and what stood out to me personally.

From the book of Proverbs (NIV)

4:1 "Listen,  my sons, to a father's instruction; pay attention and gain understanding."
I am easily distracted. Whether it be at home or work or wherever, it happens. This world is distracting, sooooo distracting and that makes it really hard a lot of the time to focus on God. How can you counteract a lack of focus?

4:23 "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."
When a jealous person tries to congratulate someone for an award they wanted, its hard. Just like this verse says we need to guard our hearts above all else. Anger, jealousy, lying all hardens a heart. When a heart is hardened it is hard to feel love. God is love. If we have no love, then life is a very hard and sometimes impossible thing to live.

7:2 "Keep my commands and you will live; guard my teachings as the apple of your eye."
(Side note: Remember this is King Solomon talking)
If something needs to be guarded that implies that thing is important/precious/holds value. A king has knights, a bank has a security alarm system, we have locks on our front doors. With something of that nature someone else will see the value in it too and many will try to steal it. This is exactly how the Enemy is. He tries to steal our hearts so that we cannot get closer to God. Now that I'm typing this up, this verse and verse 4:23 above really go hand-in-hand. I see what happened just there ;) The enemy will do anything to push you further and further away from God. For example, last year I went on a mission trip to India. RIGHT from the beginning there were problems. I had the hardest time raising all of the money to go. I struggled with lots of doubt on whether or not I should even go and why I even wanted to go. Then, more than halfway to the airport I could not find my wallet, I had my passport but no wallet. To make matters even worse when we went to board the plane, my ticket was the only one that wasn't working and I had to wait until everyone else had boarded to see what was happening. I was ready to turn and go home. But, my ticket cleared. I found my wallet when we landed in India. And most importantly, I saw some of the purest forms of worship in my life. Nothing but them and Jesus.... The point is, The Enemy tried very hard to prevent me from going. Going to India was a major step in my relationship with God. He'll do anything to push us away from God. But here is the thing, while we do need to be on guard for what the Enemy will try and do, God has already won. So we don't need to have any fear. None of it. God has our backs!! Amen!

--Mobee Sue :):)

P.S. When I started writing this post I had no intention of talking about my India trip butttttttt if you would like to hear more about it then please feel free to ask! I love talking about my time spent there,and I love telling others about the love of Christ :)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Joann Fabrics Haul!

Friday. Ahhhhhhh Friday :D Finally Friday. Take a deep breath in and let it out. Do you smell that? No, its not the beautiful fragrance of the weekend. Its the beautiful smell of a weekend with money in the bank because ITS PAYDAY FRIDAY :D :D :D Thank you Jesus for another paycheck :):) So what does one do with a fresh paycheck in the bank? Of course after budgeting it, you go shopping!!!
And that is exactly what I did today :) Thanks to the low gas prices, again thank you Jesus, it only cost $30 to fill up my mini semi Oscar! Fifteen extra dollars woot woot!! So here is my haul :D:D:D

Obviously I am an avid sewer. I am a more than a little biased to Joann Fabrics as opposed to any of its competitors like Hancock and Hobby Lobby. Not that I don't shop at either of those two stores, I just have always found more at Joann. Today, I went in focused on getting very small cotton and cotton blend remnants in pink, yellow, and green. My store didn't have a lot of fun pattern remnants in those so, I picked through the clearance fabrics, which were 50% off!!!!! The quilter's showcase fabrics were also on sale for $2.49 a yard instead of their usual $4.99! :D I have a super awesome project in the works that require small bits of fabric. I got a half yard of both kinds.
Quilter's Showcase

Clearance Fabrics

I also got a yard of this fabric that I have been admiring for months, also a clearance fabric =)
Butterflies are kinda my thing :)
I have another very special project in mind with this fabric ;)
I love vintage looking fabric :D
I'll give you hint at what I will be using this fabric for:
It wasn't on sale but, I had a coupon
 and I'm gonna need it
Also this remnant. I haven't a clue what im gonna do with it, its probably going towards something I will make for my bestie Beatrice :D She is an AMAZING musician and completely obsessed with musicals ;) All the best people are ;)

I also swung by the regular clearance bins and grabbed this fat quarter for my remnant project:
Can't beat $.97!
Alsooooooooooooooo Simplicity patterns 5 for $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I mentioned earlier, I LOVE vintage. Particulary the '50s. Simplicity is AWESOME and has a lot of vintage patterns, guess which ones I got ;)

Not vintage but still cute!

The last few things I got on my lovely haul were these lovlies

These are for a project yes, but not for a sewing project :O What? Is Mobee okay? Not a sewing project? Hehe :D You shall see :D 

<3<3<3<3 Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

Monday, February 9, 2015

Pinterest Closet Skirt #1

Sooooooooo I love this skirt I saw on Pinterest:

Apparently you can find this skirt somewhere on Amazon. I couldn't but that is where the link lead me and I want to give credit where credit is due!
Anyways since I loved this so much I began thinking of how I could recreate it. Something you should know about me, I am ALWAYS thinking of sewing projects, or any projects really. Since I work at a fabric store it is pretty easy for me to see what I need to recreate it :) For those of you who do not sew or do not consider yourself a good sewer, I am here to report that this project is a NO SEW! Here is what you need:

1 Gray Skirt (or any color skirt if you want to add your own twist, which I encourage!)
Enough Black fabric to wrap around the bottom of the skirt (I used a remnant)
Double-sided fusible interfacing (WonderUnder)
Ironing Board
Chalk, or other marking device
Printer with ink and paper ;)
Computer  or Laptop
Scissors or Shears

1.) Go online and find a template for the wavy, scalloped edge bottom (I Googled "Scallop Edge"). Print it out and cut it out.

2.) Open up your black fabric and iron it to one side of the interfacing.

3.) Place the template on the fabric, lining up the bottom edges and corners, then trace allllllllll the way down the fabric.

My pretty kitty decided to "help"
4.) After you have traced the template, cut it out. 
5.) Now this part can make you feel as though you messed up, but dont worry, I assure you that you probably didn't :) Flip your long piece of fabric over and CAREFULLY take the paper backing off of the interfacing. The paper is VERY thin and I thought that I had mistakinly bought the wrong interfacing. When you pull off the back it should look like this:
Be careful not to take the paper off too fast!
6.) Now grab your skirt and reheat your iron. Carefully line the bootm of the fabric up with the bottom of the skirt and iron. You will get a "bubble" somewhere in the black fabric beacuse you are working in a circle, not a straight line. We can get rid of that at the end. 

7.) When you get to the end you want to make sure that two scallops overlap like this:
You dont want to have half of a scallop showing, that just wouldn't look right. Again since you are working in a circle, you will have that little piece sticking out at a funny angle. Go on ahead and snip it off. I reccomend that you go around and check if there are any spots that did not get ironed on all the way. I found a spot while sitting in church yesterday.

8.) There you go! Piece number 2 to add to your Pinterest closet :D


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

On My Way To A Pinterest Closet :D

Almost everyone who is on Pinterest has a "Style" or "Dream Closet" board. I am no exception to this. I just LOVE that tulle skirt that costs $100! And those floral shorts, sooo worth $56! If only my wallet was never ending... However, the other day as I was pinning my way to sleep, an idea hit me; What if I recreate everything on my "Clothing" board! In case you didn't know, if I go a day without using my sewing machine, well, things get weird ;) I walk through the store anyway saying :Oh I could make that" "Pshhh I've made something like that before". This recreating" idea was so perfect in my mind that I couldn't sleep and instead created a new board all about refashions. Andddddddddd today marked refashion number 1!
Sleeve Socks.
Opaque Floral Knee-High Sock - $14 at Urban Outfitters. I think these socks would look so cute paired with some black or grey combat boots!Socks by Minga Berlin
I pinned these to my regular clothing board. The gray ones are from Urban Outfitters and the colorful ones are from Minga Berlin.
Now for the fun part!

What you need:
1 Shirt with long sleeves
1 Seam Ripper
Lots of Pins
Threaded Sewing Maching
Chalk, or other marking device
Shears or Scissors

1.) Take your shirt and turn it inside out and using your seam ripper, take out both armhole seams.

this is NOT turned inside out

2.) Take sleeve number 1 and pin the armhole end together, still turned inside out.

3.) Next, try on your sleeve-sock thing. If you have ever turned regular jeans into skinny jeans, then this next part should be familiar to you. :) Pull and pin the fabric so that it follows the curve of your leg. It should look like this:

4.) Take your chalk and mark the line of pins.
Sorry, I used yellow. Kinda hard to see...

5.) Now head on over to your sewing machine and re-arrange the pins so that the heads are not in the path of the needle. Now follow the line and stitch your sock closed!

6.) Cut away the excess.

7.) Do the same to the other :)
8.) Strut your stuff then make your best friend a pair! ;)


(= AFTER =)