Thursday, January 14, 2016

Embracing the Current Season of Your Life

“Embrace the current season of your life”
- Gabrielle Blair

It is not often that I share one of my personal journal entries but, today I think that that is the best way to communicate what God has put on my heart lately.

January 12, 2016 9:59pm
“I saw the most amazing quote tonight. ‘Embrace the current season of your life’ – Gabrielle Blair. I know you wanted me to see this. This season of my life is definitely just that, embracing this season of my life. I know I crave adventure but that is just not where I’m at yet/currently. Right now is the time for school, family, and work. But, those are just easy titles for what’s really happening: a second chance at being the student I know I can be/ doing my part in paving the way, rebuilding/mending relationships, and learning to handle money responsibly. I’m only 21. My time isn’t up yet. This is my real second chance. And God, I can’t thank you enough. Your grace and forgiveness is truly something I cannot comprehend. I will honor and praise you with all that I have. I have only just begun.”

We all are going through a season of life. It doesn’t have to be bad. Whether or not we are happy with where we are at or if we are feeling trapped is not the point. Like the wise words of Gabrielle Blair, we need to embrace it. God never intended for us to just survive. There is a lesson to be learned from this season, and it will make you stronger. 

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